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Additional services offered at the kiln doctor.

Kiln Firing

We have three kilns on premise that we use to fire pieces for customers. Pricing is available upon request. We at The Kiln Doctor will do our best to provide a complete firing of your pieces to your required temperature, specified. The Kiln Doctor assumes no liability for any failures. Customers must be clear about the information they give us regarding their pieces. We will not fire any pieces that the clay or glaze is unknown.

Piece max height and width.

Kiln 1: 25 ½” h x 21” w

Kiln 2: 21” h x 26” w

Kiln 3 (small test): 8” h x 10 ½” w

For large kiln firings or firings needed by a certain date please call ahead and schedule time.

Studio Time

We also offer studio time. We offer the use of our studio equipment not including our kilns. Kiln firings are not include in studio fees. Also you need to purchase your own clay and glazes. We have for use a 24” slab roller, 2 potter’s wheels, and misc tools. Use of studio needs to be coordinated ahead of times and can possible be after store hours. Call for availability and pricing.