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New Never Used Equipment **

Electrositter Model V6-CF Series 700 Controller

240/208 Volts, 50 Amps

Sale $650 Retail $710

L&L Control Panel

3 Circuit, 15 Amps

Sale $605 Retail $645

Orton Auto Fire 3000 Controller


New Kiln Heating Elements

Sold As Sets Sale Prices


Model #

Voltage, Phase

Set Price & # in set


B1414, FX1414, FE1414

208v, 1ph

$100 set of 4



208v, 1ph

$95 set of 5


J2900 HD Large

208v, 1ph

$425 set of 9


JD18 HD Small

208v, 1ph

$200 set of 6



208v, 1ph

$220 set of 4


X2800 Small

208v, 1/3ph

$485 set of 9 (3Sets)


J2900 Small

240v, 1ph

$374 set of 9


LB18 Large

240v, 1ph

$120 set of 4


3027E, HE

240v, 1ph

$250 set of 6 (2TB,4Ctr)


3027 F

240v, 1ph

$250 set of 6 (2TB,4Ctr)



240v, 1ph

$250 set of 6 (2TB,4Ctr)


KM1231 PK

208v, 3ph

$250 set of 7 (4TB,3Ctr)


KM 1227 PK

208v, 1ph

$225 set of 6 (2TB,2Ctr,2Int)


PCB-1 Power Control Box

The PCB-1 is an infinite control switch used to slow the Paragon QuikFire 6 and earlier QuikFire 2 kilns. Slower firing is necessary for large, thick pieces. The PCB-1 simplifies enameling and fusing decals to ceramics or glass. It may also be used for other kilns rated to 120 volts, 15 amps.

To operate, plug the PCB-1 into a 120 volt standard household outlet. Plug the QuikFire into the receptacle on the side of the PCB-1. Regulate the firing speed by adjusting the infinite switch. The lower the switch setting, the slower the kiln fires. A pilot light glows during operation.

The infinite switch regulates the firing speed by cycling the elements on and off. The lower the setting, the longer the elements stay turned off. The switch makes a clicking sound as it cycles the elements on and off. This sound is normal.

$85 (Retail $106.08)

Amaco Ware Cart EX

Constructed from 1" heavy wall pipe and welded shelf supports, it is 72 3/4" high, 35" wide and 24" deep. The four 4" diameter rubber swivel casters roll easily when cart is loaded and can be firmly locked in place when needed. Ware cart is shipped unassembled in one carton. Comes with a set of 12" x 32", 1/2" thick exterior plywood shelves is also available and is shipped in a separate carton.


3 Panel Kiln Safety Screen


Skutt 10 sided kiln lid lifter system (lid not included)

Sale $275 (retail $315)

Bailey Dual Fume Vent System

75cfm Blower Motor unit with wall mounting bracket, 13ft power cord with standard 120v plug, dual T-damper and an ON/OFF switch with timer

3- 4" x 8foot flexible high heat hoses

2- hose mount collars to connect hoses to the kiln wall

1- collar to connect the exit duct to the blower

5- hose clamps

4" outside vent kit


Sale $440 Retail $550


L & L Vent Doubler

This allows you to connect two kilns to a Vent-Sure vent system.




3- 22" x 11" x 1" corelite shelf   $36 each

4- 18" x 18" x 1" corelite shelf   $41 each

3- 16" x 16" x 1" corelite shelf   $35 each

7- 26" x 13" x 1" half hex shelf (solid)   $59 each

4- 11" x 22" x 3/4" high alumina shelf  $30 each 

(oxidation and reduction fire, do not use in salt, wood or raku)

2- 19" full hex carbide bond shelf   $54 each

Shimpo Worktable

This small Shimpo Work Table is 16" L x 21.5" W and made of solid HDPE. It attaches to RK Whisper, RK-10 Basic/Super as well as Master Series models (except the M1).

Sale $80 Retail $99

Used Equipment

Call 540-636-6016 for more information on any used equipment.

Some of the used equipment has a limited Kiln Doctor warranty.

Bailey Pro 50R Wheel


18" Rolling Stand

Very Gently Used


They're Back by Super Popular Demand!!



Very Lightly Used Heavy Duty

Banding Wheel & Sculpture Stands

adjustable in height from 25 to 40

11-3/4-diameter turntable top

The base is heavy-gauge steel, with telescoping, non-slip, rubber-tipped legs that fold out to a base that is 23 inches wide. The cast iron turntable top has concentric circles for easy centering, and it rotates on a ball bearing. The stand folds up for easy storage.

As is $75 (sells brand new for $185)

Gently Used Turnette Wood Turntable

A small waterproof wood turntable for working with small ceramic objects and sculpture. Sturdy, 5-ply construction, revolving lacquered top. Top is 12" by 12". Made in USA

Note: This is a turntable not a banding wheel. Does not spin like a banding wheel.

$20 $15

Amaco Bat Cart with Bat Braces

As is $250



Ohaus Triple Beam Scale




Reconditioned SR36 slab roller

The Brent SR-36 Slab Roller is a large slab roller designed for potters creating large products. It features a wagon wheel handle and comes with steel pipe legs and 4 Masonite shims: one 1/8" plain, one 1/4" plain and two 1/4" with canvas.

$1200   (brand new $3,095)

Model Q-11A Paragon

120 Volts, 1ph, 12 amps,

Max Temp Cone 10

Service and Cleaned

As is $495  sale $395


Amaco JS39 Kiln- As Is

Kiln sitter with timer, Cone 10

208 volts, 1 phase, 45 amps

Includes 1 full shelf and 2 half shelves

Inside dimensions 17.5" x 27"

As is $450

Olympic  Model 2327G Gas Kiln-Propane
Comes w/ 6 1" thick shelves
Cleaned & Tested